Sri Lanka | 7 min |


Environmental Films

There is a big Forest. Birds are flying here and there. Animals are wandering about. There is a river flowing across the forest. It’s drizzling. The forest is adorned with a rainbow. Chirping of the birds and the sound of rain is heard in the background. Suddenly, at the end of the forest, the light of gun firing, and black fumes can be seen. The war continues to grow and fades out eventually. Again, it rains. At the end of the rain, sun rises. It is a very calm and beautiful forest. A man comes to this beautiful forest. He hunts an animal. There are few humans who cut the forest down with axes. Gradually people come, cut down the forest and make it a city. A church, a temple, a Hindu temple and a Mosque is built at the same time. The city is being created after destroying the forest. Suddenly, a thundering noise is heard. A pouring rain falls. Gradually the city drowns. People shout and run here and there. The religious monuments are being destroyed and the city gets destroyed too. Humans come down floating. A small girl also comes down floating. After her, the previously seen animals such as rabbit, elephant, and deer come floating too. The movie ends with the little girl getting trapped in a droplet of water. In the major theme of this movie, the struggle humans must go through due to the destruction of the nature and the deforestation is portrayed. Also this short film showcases how the society which is created by the capitalism always creates chaos.

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Film will be available from November 14th


Fathima Shanaz